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Another One Bites the Dust #23

Posted in Life by Donna on August 27, 2008

Well, I’ve finally finshed my list of 100 Things that Make Me Happy-So here we go and remember these are in no particular order!!!….
1. My Husband, 2. Hopper, 3. My families (You know the Rambunctious Reagans, the Wonderful Wests, The Amazing Asburys, The Happy Hagers, The Happy Hudson Silvers, HAHA-Thanks Cindy), 4. My friends, 5. Bunco, 6. Those 5 minutes of snuggle time each morning with my hubby, 7. Knowing I am making progress on my list, 8. A good book, 9. Having a roof over my head, 10. Having a car to drive and get me where I need to go, 11. Having clothes on my back, 12. Knowing I can overcome my fears and do things, 13. Scrapbooking, 14. Trying a new recipe, 15. Listening to Train play, 16. Chance, 17. Corban, 18. Reading blogs online, 19. A good movie, 20. Doing something because I can, 21. A cup of hot Chi tea, 22. Fresh Flowers, 23. A good bottle of white wine, 24. Boggle, 25. A hot steamy bubble bath, 26. Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand (they’re playing our song Julie), 27. Inside Jokes, 28. Short work weeks,
29. Fresh baked cookies, 30. Sunday Drives, 31. Vacations, 32. Taking a good picture, 33. Homemade rootbeer floats, 34. Reconnecting with those I lost touch with, 35. A good nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon, 36. A good cup of coffee, 37. Shoe shopping, 38. Pappy hugs, 39. Speaking my mind, 40. No reason hugs from and given to anyone, 41. Accomplishment, 42. Those perfect cold, yet bright winter days, 43. A nice sincere compliment, 44. A beautiful painting (Monet, Kandinsky, etc), 45. Homemade buttermilk biscuits, 46. Mom’s Homemade tomato gravy, 47. Mom’s Chicken and Dumplins, 48. A fabulous drink (white russian, colorado bulldog, orange jasmine drop) 49. Tommy Lee Jones movies, 50. Dark Chocolate, 51. My Ipod, 52. Anything Pink, 53. Fresh tomatoes, 54. Cop Shows, 55. People watching, 56. A good nights sleep, 57. My husband starting to give up dipping, 58. Making someone smile so bright their eyes twinkle, 59. Learning something new, 60. Playing with Olivia when she comes to see us in the mornings, 61. The smell of fresh clothes when they first come out of the dryer, 62. Cary Grant movies, 63. Being able to do something creative, 64. Trusting my own judgement, 65. A great Conversation, 66. A good College football game, 67. Fresh butter peas, 68. A “Hot Now” donut, 69. Going to the movies with my hubby, 70. “Me” time, 71. Fortune Cookies, 72. Getting out of the shower and getting into bed with sheets that were just put on, 73. Waking up to a new day, 74. Going somewhere new for the very first time, 75. Watching a child open their very first Christmas present, 76. Anything Harry Potter (thank you Judy!!!!), 77. Cherry Limeade from Sonic, 78. Watching a cartoon from way back in the day just because it’s on and I can, 79. A good U Tube Video, 80. Pappy playing the guitar or piano, 81. A night where there are no clouds out, the stars are shining and you can see them all!, 82. The comforting sounds of the B-52’s running at night, 83. A beautiful windchime that makes that perfect noise, 84. Black and White photos, 85. Going to a book store, 86. Great Quotes, 87. What Dreams May Come, 88. Beautiful Day by U2, 89. Listening to the Beatles, 90. Nights when Hopper bounds into the bed and snuggles right up to me, 91. Making someone else happy, 92. The perfect sweatshirt, 93. A comfortable bed in a hotel room, 94. Getting a comment on my blog, 95. Someone taking my advice, 96. Back and forth emails with Cindy, 97. 4:30 on a work day, 98. Lainey hugs, 99. Beautiful Sunsets, 100. Finishing this list!!!!!


I did it!

Posted in Recipe by Donna on August 25, 2008

Ok, I’m excited. I fixed a chocolate smores bread pudding this weekend! The chocolate chunks might have grouped together but hey, it’s still not bad. I’m just excited, I was able to do it. The first one I tried kicked my rear end! So that’s two recipes down and 18 more to go! I love it when I can see progress!!! LOL And the recipe was so unbelievably simple. So if you want it, let me know and I’ll get it to you!

Hi, It’s ME!!

Posted in Just Because by Donna on August 22, 2008

Okay- so I’m determined to have a good day, weekend, next week, life you name it. I am certainly thankful for everything that I have. This morning talking to JoAnn I pretty much said how I feel and I am even starting to believe it. Basically I said, I am who I am, if you can’t love me for who and what I am then that’s your loss. We were talking about how unhappy she is with herself right now. Granted we’re all unhappy with ourselves for something but if we can’t accept ourselves and love ourselves for who and what we are, how can we expect anyone else to do that? We can’t. Of course this is stemming from the post the other day on believing in one’s self but it’s so true.

One of my things is to be comfortable in my own skin. I see it happening more and more. I know now that if I am comfortable with me and my skin then I can make things happen, then I can do the weight reduction, I can start running and be able to run in the Susan Komen, I can get pregnant and be healthy during the pregnancy, I can be more confident in anything I do. I will be able to make that bread pudding that kicked my rear end and succeed at it because I know I’ll do it. The more I think about it, the more it irks me that it didn’t turn out right. One day I’ll do it.

Ok so that’s just the way that I feel, what can I say. It’s a beautiful day and it’s going to be a good day, not just for me, for everyone. Besides, it’s FRIDAYYY!!!!!

#57 Make Someone Laugh Until They Cry

Posted in Things Completed by Donna on August 21, 2008

I don’t know how I managed to accomplish this yesterday but I did. At work yesterday, I basically got out a ton of feelings that I had. It was time to get them off my chest. Then at lunch JoAnn and I were sort of talking about it and then came the subject of our titles here at work. I’m sure it’s not really that funny to anyone else but between the two of us we were both laughing so hard we were crying.

It’s crazy how those moments just pop up.

Just Believe

Posted in Believe,My Life by Donna on August 20, 2008

So rarely do we have those “epiphanies” on the poetic moments we’re “supposed” have them at. Mine always seem to come when I least expect it. I was looking at my new Redbook that came into today and I flipped to the back where it has the “You Know You’re a Grown Up When…” One of them said “You’ve finally figured out that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.” Somewhere deep down inside this just clicked.
Dirk and I have always tried to have the motto of “Just Believe”. For a gift one year, mom even gave me this mirror hanger thing that is sitting on top of our back door that says Believe. And I had to sit there and think to myself for a minute.
It seems like I’ve always been waiting for someone to believe in me and what I can do. That I was holding myself back from doing something simply because I didn’t believe I could do it. Well, if I don’t believe I can, how can I expect someone else to believe that I can?? I have to have that confidence, that belief in myself that I can do it before anyone else can. It seems I’m always at a stand still at something. If it’s not the eternal quest to be a smaller version of me, then it’s my writing, or it’s my something.
I KNOW I can do it. I’ve basically taught myself to scrapbook, I’ve started this undertaking of my 101 in 1001. I’ve gotten a designation in my workfield, not because anyone told me I had to do it. Because I wanted to do it. Even when it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, I still pushed myself to do it. I look back at the times where I’ve started my quest for a smaller self (notice I will not call it a diet), and I was quite successful, losing 40 pounds, but then I stall or quit for whatever reason.
Because I haven’t believed in myself or had the confidence to believe in myself to do it. So where does one go from this point? Admiting it is the first step to correcting it right? I know there is not an overnight cure for it.
So I’m taking it, my first step to believing in myself and having that confidence in me so that I can ultimately be secure with myself no matter who I am, what I look like or what size I am. One day at a time.
Because I’m unique, because I’m me and because I don’t have to be a mold of anyone. They broke my mold when they made me.
Right? Right!


Posted in Scars by Donna on August 19, 2008

They aren’t always bad. Sometimes one or two will come along and you don’t have a bad memory associated with it. Take for instance the one that is on my hand. It’s right below the knuckle on my forefinger. I got this one the first time I EVER made homemade gravy. Daddy was still alive and he was walking me through the whole process from the living room. I was stirring it and then the gravy bubbled there wasy this huge pop. Some of it went right on to my hand. Now when it happened, I thought ouch, this is going to hurt since it was deep but I didn’t really think it would scar. DUH!! But it did. I took this picture when I was on the plane coming home from Seattle. I had just taken the one of our rings and thought of this idea for a blog entry. So I took the picture. It took a couple of days for the post to come to fruition, from me not wanting to post to just trying to think of what I would say. I thought about it a little more last night when I was trying to take a picture of this bruise from my blood donation but it didn’t come out. Oh well, that’s okay. I’m sure it won’t be the last time it bruises right!? Besides, some battle wounds are not so bad.

Of Note

Posted in random by Donna on August 18, 2008

So I haven’t really been “feelin” like blogging. But as updates go I guess that I should. Yesterday we started the “no fast food for 30 days” So far we’re holding up good but hey it’s only the second day. I’m sort of excited about it. I know in the end, I’ll be on my way to my healthy weight. I gave blood Saturday. You should see the bruise. Well, actually, I’ll take a picture of it later and post it. Might be my picture of the day, who knows. I cooked my first dinner last night for the family at least once every two months. It was simple and nice. A beef roast with carrots, potatoes, celery and onion. I fixed some fresh picked snap beans and potatoes to go with it. When we got to mom’s I fixed tea and it turned out really good. The roast you didn’t have to cut, you could just pick your piece up with a fork. YUMMMYYYYY.
I think date night will be a little different for us for awhile. We’re plugging along on things and trying to figure out what our overall long term game plan is going to be. I bought “The Secret” when we were in Portland at Powell’s and finished it today. I need to get Dirk to read it. Other than that, not much is going on in life. I think my pink eye is gone, thank goodness. Maybe the next post will be more exciting. HAHA.. Guess we’ll see huh!!!

Until then,
Love everyone!

Ted Nugent Called—-

Posted in 101,Thoughts by Donna on August 15, 2008

And he wants his name back. Silly random thought here. Our pilot coming back from Seattle was David Nugent. I had this thought as we hit the runway in Dallas and the pilot slammed on the brakes. I thought I was going to eat the back of the seat in front of me. Granted I’m not an expert traveler, but that landing was a bit rough, even by the standards that I do have to compare it to. Holy cow.

I’m back home and missing being on the west coast. Even my body is because I’m still running on west coast time. Maybe by this weekend I can assimilate back into life in the south.

Talk about differences. EVERYTHING is so different. I loved it. Let me say that. It’s a beautiful part of the country. Maybe because it’s different. But I loved the difference in life styles, foods, the way things were done, it was just nice. To have people not look at you weird because of the way you dress, look, or talk. Granted, I got my fair share of ribbin’ since I’m from the south y’all, but I still loved it.

D is already homesick, heck he was home sick as soon as the flight was in the air. I can reason with him there. It’s just weird coming back trying to adjust.

Monday starts a new phase of my 101 and I’m kind of excited about it. I’m going to start the no fast food for 30 days and see if I can make it and maybe last longer. It will make me cook more and the more I cook the more I can try out some recipes. This makes me excited. I’ve got bunco next month so I’m trying to figure out just what to fix. I was thinking Mexican but then again, I’m not sure what I want to do. More on that later.

And I’m going to try to start my process of giving up caffiene. Along with it the sugars and things like that mostly. A girl has to have something sweet every now and then right? All of this means that we’re going to go to the farmer’s market called Marvin’s Garden’s tomorrow so maybe I’ll get some good stuff. I wish we had more of one other than what we do but here it seems like it’s all about the fast food. Or the greasy, deep fried stuff. I’m seriously trying to change my mind set on this. I want to get this weight off me now.

Ok-enough ramblin’ I gotta get to work.

Sunsets, States, Stores and Stories

Posted in Things Completed by Donna on August 11, 2008

So I’m seriously needing to blog and since we’re done sightseeing for the day, I’m trying to catch up. I have all the pictures, except for the one’s this morning on my myspace page. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’ve now been to another state that I’ve never been to. That makes 2 now. I’ve watched a sunset with Dirk and it was beautiful, out on the water. I’ve been to Powell’s in Portland. I could have stayed longer but I didn’t get a chance to because of my husband the not so avid book reader wanting to go. We headed over to the Powell story poles this morning and I have those on film too. We went to Causland Park this afternoon after we went to the Marina and to the local museum too. And I saw a sea lion. Not bad huh?

My eye started bothering me yesterday morning but I thought that was due to my being up early upset and sick. But as the day progressed it got worse. I woke up about 5 this morning and just knew it was pink eye. When Doni looked at it sure enough it was pink eye. So she called in some medication for me and I’m eyeless in my right eye thanks to the pink eye.

Other than that, it’s going great. I just wish we had more time up here. It’s only 70 outside and I know back home it’s 90 plus. Oh well, we are grilling out tonight. I can’t wait.

More Accomplished

Posted in Weekend by Donna on August 11, 2008

Well, here we are, it’s Sunday. I’ve been slacking on my posting simply because there hasn’t been enough time in the day for me. Thursday we just kinda milled around until it was time to get our toes and nails did. Then we came home, hung out for a little while and then went to Washington Park for a cook out with some of the kids from the ‘hood. I got to see a beautiful sunset and maybe tomorrow I can post all the pics from the past few days on my myspace. After the beautiful sunset and wonderful picnic we came home and crashed. Friday we got up went to our dental appointments and then headed to Seattle to get Nick. A 5 hour road trip became an 8 with the traffic and we got to Portland late Friday night.
When we got there we found out that D and I were on the top floor with a king size bed! And you had to have a special key card to get up there. It was sweet. Then we dropped our stuff, headed over to the other hotel to finally meet Juanita. I got to meet her, Mikey, Patsy and Bob. Then after a quick hello we went back to the hotel and just chilled. Saturday we got up, went to Don Shula’s restraunt in the hotel that we had a free breakfast to and had a nice breakfast with Doni and Nick. Then we went back to our room and got ready for the wedding. My hair did right for a change.
The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time. Afterwards there was a party at the hotel and we went for a while. This most certainly has been an intresting trip. I can now say that I’ve had Thai food, Japanese, Sushi, Lamb, Salmon. And I didn’t dislike any of them. I think my favorite so far has been the California roll.
We got up this morning, had breakfast with Sheryl, David, Matt, Emily, and Jessica. Which by the way, I love this side of the family, they are all really cool. Then we went to Powell’s bookstore!!!! I can cross something else off my list! I could get lost in that store, it’s huge and awesome! Then we can home. I blessedly don’t remember much of the trip home, thanks to having such a horrible night last night and Doni knocking me out with some meds. So I’m know this is short and I could go into more detail but I’m trying to get it mostly down while I am still coherent. Tomorrow I think we are going to go see the Powell story poles and another park in town and no telling what else.

Oh and by the way, next time you need a good stiff drink-order a Orange Jasmine drop!! Until later!

Love everyone will update more soon!

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