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Hi, It’s ME!!

Posted in Just Because by Donna on August 22, 2008

Okay- so I’m determined to have a good day, weekend, next week, life you name it. I am certainly thankful for everything that I have. This morning talking to JoAnn I pretty much said how I feel and I am even starting to believe it. Basically I said, I am who I am, if you can’t love me for who and what I am then that’s your loss. We were talking about how unhappy she is with herself right now. Granted we’re all unhappy with ourselves for something but if we can’t accept ourselves and love ourselves for who and what we are, how can we expect anyone else to do that? We can’t. Of course this is stemming from the post the other day on believing in one’s self but it’s so true.

One of my things is to be comfortable in my own skin. I see it happening more and more. I know now that if I am comfortable with me and my skin then I can make things happen, then I can do the weight reduction, I can start running and be able to run in the Susan Komen, I can get pregnant and be healthy during the pregnancy, I can be more confident in anything I do. I will be able to make that bread pudding that kicked my rear end and succeed at it because I know I’ll do it. The more I think about it, the more it irks me that it didn’t turn out right. One day I’ll do it.

Ok so that’s just the way that I feel, what can I say. It’s a beautiful day and it’s going to be a good day, not just for me, for everyone. Besides, it’s FRIDAYYY!!!!!


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  1. Café Chick said,

    What an inspirational post. You are so right that once you feel good in your own skin, the world is yours to take. Weight loss is most effective when it comes after you feel good about yourself; it doesn’t just happen before. All the best!

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