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Another One Bites the Dust #23

Posted in Life by Donna on August 27, 2008

Well, I’ve finally finshed my list of 100 Things that Make Me Happy-So here we go and remember these are in no particular order!!!….
1. My Husband, 2. Hopper, 3. My families (You know the Rambunctious Reagans, the Wonderful Wests, The Amazing Asburys, The Happy Hagers, The Happy Hudson Silvers, HAHA-Thanks Cindy), 4. My friends, 5. Bunco, 6. Those 5 minutes of snuggle time each morning with my hubby, 7. Knowing I am making progress on my list, 8. A good book, 9. Having a roof over my head, 10. Having a car to drive and get me where I need to go, 11. Having clothes on my back, 12. Knowing I can overcome my fears and do things, 13. Scrapbooking, 14. Trying a new recipe, 15. Listening to Train play, 16. Chance, 17. Corban, 18. Reading blogs online, 19. A good movie, 20. Doing something because I can, 21. A cup of hot Chi tea, 22. Fresh Flowers, 23. A good bottle of white wine, 24. Boggle, 25. A hot steamy bubble bath, 26. Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand (they’re playing our song Julie), 27. Inside Jokes, 28. Short work weeks,
29. Fresh baked cookies, 30. Sunday Drives, 31. Vacations, 32. Taking a good picture, 33. Homemade rootbeer floats, 34. Reconnecting with those I lost touch with, 35. A good nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon, 36. A good cup of coffee, 37. Shoe shopping, 38. Pappy hugs, 39. Speaking my mind, 40. No reason hugs from and given to anyone, 41. Accomplishment, 42. Those perfect cold, yet bright winter days, 43. A nice sincere compliment, 44. A beautiful painting (Monet, Kandinsky, etc), 45. Homemade buttermilk biscuits, 46. Mom’s Homemade tomato gravy, 47. Mom’s Chicken and Dumplins, 48. A fabulous drink (white russian, colorado bulldog, orange jasmine drop) 49. Tommy Lee Jones movies, 50. Dark Chocolate, 51. My Ipod, 52. Anything Pink, 53. Fresh tomatoes, 54. Cop Shows, 55. People watching, 56. A good nights sleep, 57. My husband starting to give up dipping, 58. Making someone smile so bright their eyes twinkle, 59. Learning something new, 60. Playing with Olivia when she comes to see us in the mornings, 61. The smell of fresh clothes when they first come out of the dryer, 62. Cary Grant movies, 63. Being able to do something creative, 64. Trusting my own judgement, 65. A great Conversation, 66. A good College football game, 67. Fresh butter peas, 68. A “Hot Now” donut, 69. Going to the movies with my hubby, 70. “Me” time, 71. Fortune Cookies, 72. Getting out of the shower and getting into bed with sheets that were just put on, 73. Waking up to a new day, 74. Going somewhere new for the very first time, 75. Watching a child open their very first Christmas present, 76. Anything Harry Potter (thank you Judy!!!!), 77. Cherry Limeade from Sonic, 78. Watching a cartoon from way back in the day just because it’s on and I can, 79. A good U Tube Video, 80. Pappy playing the guitar or piano, 81. A night where there are no clouds out, the stars are shining and you can see them all!, 82. The comforting sounds of the B-52’s running at night, 83. A beautiful windchime that makes that perfect noise, 84. Black and White photos, 85. Going to a book store, 86. Great Quotes, 87. What Dreams May Come, 88. Beautiful Day by U2, 89. Listening to the Beatles, 90. Nights when Hopper bounds into the bed and snuggles right up to me, 91. Making someone else happy, 92. The perfect sweatshirt, 93. A comfortable bed in a hotel room, 94. Getting a comment on my blog, 95. Someone taking my advice, 96. Back and forth emails with Cindy, 97. 4:30 on a work day, 98. Lainey hugs, 99. Beautiful Sunsets, 100. Finishing this list!!!!!


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