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Posted in Books by Donna on September 8, 2008

So I was looking at the Wal Mart site the othr day to see if the book that I have been looking for by Brenda Joyce is out yet. I cam across the cover for Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Now I’ve seen these books every time I’ve been book shopping and for some reason never really gave them a glance. So this time I did. I Googled her name and came up with her website which is so I looked at the site and started reading a little bit about this book series and I was hooked.

Now why, I’m not exactly sure. You’ll notice that on my virtual bookshelf, I have them added. (I need to do more work on this). So Friday night we had to go to Wally World and I got the first book. It never harms you to get something to read, who knows how good it will be. Can I say I’m hooked? Yeah, I’m hooked.

Who would have ever thought that I’d be hooked on a Teenage Vampire series? I sure didn’t. Now I’m not going to give anything away but I really want to see the movie site to see who all is playing the characters. I saw Edward and Bella on the website and they are not how I had them pictured so I’m anxious to see what the others look like.

So I find my reading tastes are more varied than just Roberts, Palmer, Patterson, Joyce, and Howard. And here I am–Open to suggestions on books–

What about you?


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