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Posted in List of changes by Donna on October 16, 2008

Okay so in my spare time I’ve sat down and really looked at my list. Of course for the longest time I was always changing something, but then I decided to settle on what I had. Well today I began thinking since Jo did her list, what is really holding me back on some of mine? I had to sit and take them one by one and decide if it was something realistic. So I’ve made some changes and probably will make a few more but I’m giving myself a deadline of December 1st to have my list completely set in stone.

So here is a summary of my changes
#8 will be to get an address book and use it. I need this more than all the papers I have laying around.
#9 will be to learn to make apple butter. I had this origionally and you know what, I want to keep it.
#13 is to particpate in the Toys for Tots at least once. Realistically, I’m not that into movies right now and 101 would be a stretch for me. I want stuff I can do!!!
#16 is to aquire an Ipod touch and give away my shuffle. I fell in love with Erics and well, if I have to save from now to the end of my list to get it then I’ll do it!
#29 is now to go to the Reagan and Nixon libraries. I wanted to add Kennedy, but again, I’m trying to be realistic. I think two would be good and if I can go to more then it will be an added bonus.
#34 is now to get my passport
#41 is to get fresh flowers at least once a week for 6 months.
#64 is to make a small book of my favorite quotes.
#67 is now just to do one mad lib book with mom. We tried to start on one and well, I want to do an complete new one.
#68 I want to decorate our new place and I really mean decorate. Not what we have right now. And I want new furniture.
#87 has been revised. I’m going to make a list of 25 positive things that I like about me and my body in my effort to become comfortable with me.
#94 is to name my blog, make a banner for it and change the design at least once a month.

So there you have it. The changes so far. I’ve made a couple of others before but they were just additions of something on the list.


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  1. Veronica said,

    I don’t seem to be as creative as I was in younger days, but try to think about your favorite colors, interests, ideas, what you’re going to write about, etc.

    This site will give you suggestions.

  2. *am* said,

    Great list! Now for my suggestion lol…you go buy “fake” flowers that look real (there are some out there) so that you have your flowers and the money that you would be spending on them you set aside for that ipod touch you want…which may i add totally worth every penny and walmart has the 8gb right now for 199. and if there is still money left over you can put it towards some of your decorating you want to do. Love the lil black dress idea. Anywho good luck 🙂

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