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#20 Submit a Photo to Jones Soda

Posted in Things Completed by Donna on October 21, 2008

Well, I did this just a few minutes ago. Hehe This was taken at our Reagan Family Reunion a couple of weekends ago. Dirk and Lori were cheesing for me and I snapped it. I took one in color but truthfully it’s not as great as this one. I don’t know really why they lucked out..I was looking at the website and then looking at the pictures that I had on my drive here at work and it just clicked. So one more thing off the list.

3 Responses to '#20 Submit a Photo to Jones Soda'

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  1. beautyredefined said,

    Awesome! I’ve always meant to submit a photo to Jones, but I never have. Good luck with it, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lori said,

    How HOTTTTTT is that photo! I would say here’s hopeing we get picked, but *sigh* things like that never work out for me

  3. Donna said,

    LOL I’m hoping you do too. I love this picture!!!

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