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Posted in Books by Donna on October 27, 2008

I went to the used bookstore this weekend and the girl there was so sweet. We had mentioned the last time we went that we were moving. When we went in our favorite girl was there and she had us a going away gift. It was a beenie baby for the animal resuce. It was so sweet and touching. Before we left she gave us both a hug and told us to call her and see what her schedule was each time we came back to town.

While I was there, I got 4 books. Two were by Catherine Anderson. I had read a couple of her books before and this time two just grabbed my attention. One was called My Sunshine and the other one, I can’t remember right off. I was dissappointed with it though. Well on the whole, I’ve been disappointed with most of her books. I’ve started to notice that none of her females are strong in a sense. This upsets me a little.

Most of the women have either just come out of an abusive relationship, have some sort of disability or something is wrong with them. I’ve yet to discover a book of hers where the female is a stong woman. Granted not most romantic novels have the strong leading female character but come on. I mean take the ones I can remember off hand of hers.

In Baby Love, the female lead was young, just had a child, was being beaten and molested by her stepfather. She takes the baby and runs, escaping on a boxcar of a passing train where she runs into her male hero. A drunk, rich cowboy whose family had been killed in a car accident. In order to escape his pain he walks away from everything and just rides the box cars getting drunk. Then he sees her instantly knows she has to be taken care of and it’s on from there.

In My Sunshine, the female lead was an enviornmental scientist and then she went swimming, dove out into the water and hit a rock, damanging her brain. After 5 years she’s at the point where she’s smart but can only talk in two syllable words. (Of course Ms. Anderson slipped up and put some 3 syllable words in her sentences) Her grandmother and our hero’s mother decide to match make and set her up with the rich hunky vet. She goes in for the interview, and the guy who has no intentions to settle down is suddenly thinking wow, what a woman. Then he discovers who she is, tries not to think of her in romantic terms but fails miserbly in doing that.

And those are just a couple of the ones that I’ve read by her. I could list all of them but they all basically have the same thing. Granted a lot of romances don’t have the strong female lead but these women are just down right weak compared to others I’ve read. Give the girls just a little bit of backbone, please. It will do wonders for a story.

I dunno. Am I being too picky??


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