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Ahhhh Such Progress!!!

Posted in Things Completed by Donna on October 30, 2008

#101 Make a new List of 101 things

I’ve had this list done for sometime but I just put it up yesterday.  I love the new blog for the ablility to have more than one page.  You’ll notice that there are more than 101 things on the list though.  I haven’t yet decided what I’m not going to do or if it’s just going to be a comprehensive list in addition to the 101 that I currently have.  I emailed the creator of this wonderful project not that long ago and asked if we could have more than one list.   He gave me the wonderful response that you can but he also said that he advises that you review your list several times a year and it’s acceptable to change things as your to do’s might change.  Mine certainly have. 

I want more than the 1001 days to complete my second list though.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t specify on the make a new list of 101 things that I wanted to do the list again.  I might put the time limit on it and I might not.  I might add more to it and make yet another, my goal is to have the other list with as many things as I think I can accomplish and go from there.  It’s all part of that ongoing project.   

I’m planning on combining two of the projects, one from each list.  It’s #78 on one and #79 on the other if I remember correctly.  One is to make a quilt and the other is to write down in a journal a thought that makes me happy each day for a year.  What a more wonderful way to journal my thoughts than on a quilt.  I think this is going to be done not only on my quilt but I’m going to find some sort of journal to write all my thoughts in. 

I’ve got so many of my things to do in progress that I can look at this and see I’m making some headway.  That makes me happy.  Maybe I can start on the journal today.


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