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The Morning After

Posted in Beginnings,Life by Donna on November 19, 2008
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Isn’t nearly so bleak.

I FINALLY got a good nights rest last night. I was so excited. I went to bed after taking EVERYONE’s advice. I took a walk, a warm bath, some wonderful tea and a great fantasy. Nothing big, just being skinny, tan, blonde with some intresting highlights in a bikini on the beach, just chilling. I went right to sleep. I didn’t want to get up with morning, but that’s okay.

My mother in law Judy had a great idea and that was to introduce me to a friend of hers that is retired insurance. I mean seriously, I need a job. I’m tired of staring at the computer looking or doing whatever. I need more than just the inside of the Pinney House. So Ms. Janet gave me some great ideas and on the way, Judy did too. I’m going to pop off here when I finish this entry and go to the library and get a couple of books. Not for me, well mostly not for me. Ryan has lost his Of Mice and Men and he needs to read it. So I’m going to go and get that and then a book for me. I’m sort of excited about things. Last night Judy and Greg came up and we talked about maybe Dirk starting his detailing business up and that being a job for him. He really wants to do that and to be his own boss would be great.

But then I started thinking, what about me? Would I be happy if I didn’t go back into insurance? Probably. I’m just putting it out there for the Universe. I wouldn’t mind being a professional blog writer, or even a freelance writer. Sure my ultimate goal in life is to write a book, but then again, who DOESN’T have that dream?

Would I be happy doing something else? Sure I would. The possibilites are endless and not have as elusive as yesterday. I feel better. More secure about me, still home sick, but it’s not so bad.

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have projects to do now. I have books to read that before I wouldn’t have thought about. I don’t feel so not me for the lack of a better word.

Amazing what a night of sleep will do for you……..


4 Responses to 'The Morning After'

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  1. Finn said,

    Excellent! I’m glad today is a new day for you. Stay positive and follow your heart.

  2. Donna said,

    thank you!! 🙂

  3. Lori said,

    I’m so glad you got some sleep. Must be nice. I don’t know what that is! I hope this sleep pattern continues for you. I can only imagine how you feel living out there where you know no one.
    I think that once you find a job you are happy with, things will settle down with you.
    Have you tried looking on craigslist in the personals for friends? Seriously. I posted an ad and now I’m meeting other “girls” for lunch, storytime, etc. You should look into it! Love you!!!

  4. Donna said,

    It’s amazing what a good nights sleep did. I think it’s going to get nothing but better from here on out.

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