Discovering Donna

Lessons Learned

Posted in Thoughts by Donna on November 27, 2008

I’ve learned that even if Turkey Day is different here..It’s still a nice meal that you can sit down with family and enjoy, even if the only constants are corn casserole, turkey and mashed potatoes.

I’ve learned my extended family is really sweet, really different and really well awesome.

I’ve learned in a pinch, corn muffin mix and a jar of hot jalapenos will work for Mexican cornbread anytime.

I’ve learned that besides pumpkin pie, cranberry/blueberry pie is perfect for Thanksgiving.

I’ve learned that my outer is not in sync with my inner and the I need to find the skinny bitch that’s hiding inside and let her out.  The fat girl that’s on the outside, she’s gotta go.

I’ve learned that I am severely grateful for everything that I have.


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