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Saturday Posting

Posted in Holidays,NaBlPoMO by Donna on December 27, 2008

Well, I’m at least trying to finish out the month on NaBloPoMO.  I just had the week and a couple of days where I couldn’t post because of the ‘net and the &$#@ ankle.  I’m getting better with it and am counting down the days until Friday when I go back.  I’m fully confident that he’s going to put me in the walking cast.  I’m not even thinking about the possibility.

So it being the day after Christmas yesterday, I started working and really looking at my 109 list that I decided to do.  It’s a combination of my 101 lists but also with a few other things that I wanted to do.  So I’m excited.  But I also revamped both of my 101 lists.  I took off a few things, added a few things, changed a few things.

2009 is going to be about getting healthy, setting the path to discovery and having some fun along the way.  I’m excited  I think it’s going to be a fabulous year and I can’t wait!

What about you?  No resolutions, just what do you want the new year to be about?


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  1. Cafe Chick said,

    I hope your ankle isn’t causing you too much grief … *hugs*
    Your 109 list sounds very ambitious – I’m struggling to make it to 101! All the best for 2009 … I look forward to continuing to read your wonderful blog.

  2. Donna said,

    yeah, I guess I’m feeling like trying to accomplish enough for the past couple of years. 🙂 I wish you the best too, I’m looking forwarding to reading yours too!!!

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