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Well isn’t this a Fine How do you Do?????

Posted in Ankle,Life by Donna on January 6, 2009
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So, right now, I work for a company through a temp service.  And every since the idiotic incident with my ankle, I’ve been off work because they didn’t want to take a chance of me injuring/reinjuring myself so they’ve said they will get a temp to go in and I can stay home and recover.  Now, here is my issue other than no income coming in right now.

I can’t go back to work, until I don’t have to use a walker or crutches.  I have clearance from a doctor.  But right now, I can’t put weight on the foot so they don’t want me back till I can walk.  I’m miffed by it.  Granted I am thankful they want me back at all and are waiting on me but still.  And then the temp lady had to ask me “Well can’t you come back sooner?  Isn’t there a way you can start putting weight on it sooner?”  WTC!?

So what’s a girl to do?  I’ll tell you.  I’m tired of being confined to this crazy bed.  So today is the first day of  something.  I have yet to figure out what to call it.  But I’m going to start on something.  Like all those lists up there.  And writing.  I’ve got enough to do so let’s see how much we can accomplish.  I’ve got a bible study to finish and notes to get up about it.  I’ve got a book on chakra’s that I’m making notes on so that I can share that too.  I’m already seeing where I need work.  Hell, I might even post more than once a day.

How about them apples?


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