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It’s a Rare and Funny Gift

Posted in Life,NaBlPoMO by Donna on January 8, 2009

That the wonderful Asbury men have.  {Yeah, I know I’m posting twice today, aren’t you proud?  I just had to do this before I forgot!}

They have a tendency not to see something right in front of their faces.  Take Ry-he lost his book at school and swore up and down that he couldn’t find it, it wasn’t in his locker.  A couple of weeks later he finds it, guess where?  His locker.  He’s had a ton of these since we’ve been here.

Now take the hubby.  He was looking for his ipod today and couldn’t find it.  So I asked, did you look in the kitchen?  Yeah.  He looked twice that I know of.  Me, I get up, go into the kitchen and boom, there it is, on the window ledge.  If it had been a snake it would have bit him.

Dirk’s dad has even admitted that he’s done that several times.  Now what about the Asbury women?  Well, we are the finders.

But it never fails that each time this happens, I have to laugh.  Regardless.  Because in this household, it’s only the Asbury men.  And what would we do without them?  Well, I don’t want to even think about it.

I love them all the same, strange, quirky gifts and all.

So what about you?  Do the men in your family have a trait that only they possess???


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  1. Caly said,

    Thanks for your comment on my 101 things blog!

    The men in my family don’t have any particular trait except extreme exaggerating, but that I’m not sure thats localized to them alone. LOL

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