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Posted in Thoughts by Donna on February 8, 2009

My brain has been on over load lately. It’s been to a point where it’s hard to post something because of all that is going on in my brain. I mean literally, I’m exhausted from thinking. This weekend was nice sort of. We had dinner with Brian and Amy last night and then tonight went over to Katy and Jeremy’s for a while with Ryan. But the whole way home, my brain worked and worked.

And I’m tired. It didn’t help that D and I had sort of a spat today. I’ve seriously been thinking about things and I know we have things to work on. I know we do. And I pointed that out today. Which led in it’s own way to a sort of spat and we had to drop it and agree to come back to it later. I hate doing that! But at least when we got home from tonight we made the agreement that we would have all of our plans hammered out by Valentines Day. I want us to have a plan to work on things, a plan to figure out what we’re doing and a plan that we can work on for the next 5 years.

Tomorrow starts back the job hunting and I feel a little better since I have gotten my resume to a friend of Judy’s who is passing it on for me. I’m also going to check into what magazine companies are here along with publishing companies and such to see what the deal is with that. Friday my horoscope said I was one idea away from the big one. Well that’s sort of paraphrasing it but that’s the gist.

So how has your week been? What do you have planned for this week?


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