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Posted in random by Donna on February 22, 2009


So if you look over at my links, and I think I’ve mentioned it several times, you will find a blog called Nenni’s World.  Well she’s helping out a child in Colorado who  is sending Flat Alyssa through the mail to learn about other areas and other people. But there was just one hitch!  The little girls relatives all live in her area and now they really have nowhere to send Flat Alyssa. As a result, Jennifer over at Nenni’s World has asked us to blog about our areas and then she is going to give the information to Flat Alyssa as part of her visit with her. I know it’s a bit of rambling and sorry if it’s not really coherent.  But you can always visit Jennifer’s site Nenni’s World for a better explanation.  And as if you didn’t know that much about me already, maybe this will help!

Dear Flat Alyssa,

I’m Donna and I live in Sierra Madre, CA.  I moved here from my home state of Louisiana.  I tought I’d share some about that state and the state that I went to school in called Alabama.  Where I lived in Louisiana was a town called Bossier City.  My apartment was right outside of Barksdale Air Force Base.  It’s a very flat area and very loud at times with the planes.  It was a very popular area for gambling as we had several casinos in the area.  The weather is mostly hot in the summer with a high humidity which made it sticky and really hot.  It’s very different from the dry heat in California.  I went to school in Alabama and the weather is pretty much the same.  Winter’s cold and summer’s super hot.  It wasn’t very different from Louisiana except it was a college town.  You know, centered around the University that was located there.  I very much preferred Louisiana over Alabama.

As for me, I’m Donna.  I’m 33 and married to my hubby D.  We’ll be married for two years in October.  We have a Boston Terrier who is 3.  I love to blog.  And read, and write, and scrapbook, and my most recent love is photography, but I haven’t gotten to do much lately.  For the first in 33 years, I broke my ankle this past December.  But now I’m walking again, and out looking for a job.  My favorite colors are pink, yellow and brown.

Good luck on your travels, we all want to hear how they turn out!



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  1. Jenni said,

    Flat Alyssa and I thank you, Donna. This is great. She is really going to have the best Flat adventure of them all. Everyone has really come through and done so much for her. Thank you!

  2. Donna said,

    Good deal! You are so welcome!!! I thought I could help out on a couple of states for her! 🙂

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