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The Land of Frustration

Posted in Life by Donna on March 4, 2009

So here I am, once again. I am in the land of frustration, this seems to be a common place for me here lately. I was in this spot for the entire month of November. I got a parole of sorts for the first month of December and then I broke my ankle and I was banished back to the land. And I’ve been here every since. Day in and day out I am looking for a job. Only I find that a lot of the time, I am over qualified. Or they want to pay way less than I want to make. At this point, a job is a job.

My mother in laws are trying to help out and give me a direction. Find what you really want to do, is what they are telling me. What do I really want to do? Where do I start? I want to write. I want to work in insurance still, I mean let’s face it. I am good at what I do. But I want to branch out. I want to work in Risk Management or underwriting. Or I want to do something that will let me use my brain. I mean let’s face it. If I can’t settle for insurance, with everything I know how to do and all of my skills, I’d be someone’s kick ass personal assistant.

I’m starting to get my cook skills back. I’m getting braver. Even if I don’t think it will turn out good, each time it has. There is so much that I can do it’s not funny. I probably can be a Jill of all Trades, and maybe a Master of a few.

But everything that I’ve submitted my resume to, I’m over qualified or I want to much money. So what’s a girl to do? I need out of the land of frustration. For the good of me. For the good of my husband. For the good of our marriage. For the good of my sanity.

But I can’t seem to find that golden ticket. Have you seen it? If you have, please point me in that direction. Because I need it. I. WANT. IT.


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  1. Cafe Chick said,

    It’s kind of the same with me. Again, I’m overqualified for many jobs in my field, but there are hardly any openings at the moment for my skill level and experience. At the moment, I can hold out, but things are getting me down. My partner was made redundant unexpectedly last week; thankfully he received an offer from another company almost immediately. However, we have gone through the offer tonight and it’s for a substantially lower amount than he has been earning. He feels insulted, but what do we do?
    I don’t know if you’re in a position to ‘ride it out’ (like I’m trying to), but I also understand that it’s not always easy to keep on smiling when you know you’re worth more than you can give right now.

  2. LarryLily said,

    I had a great career years ago doing what i loved. Or so i thought, until 400,000 of us in that career got canned. I looked around, and went to sork at the state govt. That was 1992, and it has been great, better than before. I totally changed my career, I am now doing exactly what I feel great doing, i am helping out society, and i am in a recession proof place. I switched over from the State to the feds, and now i get regular raises, i get recognition and with my background planted in the rpivate sector, i do not abuse the security I enjoy.

    Look at, and see what is out there for you. You may start out at lower than your goal, but the beneies are great, the pay always goes up. Abnd once in, there are always opportunities at other agencies with seemless transitions.

  3. Donna said,

    I’m lucky enough that I can sort of ride it out. But it’s hard. The hubby started his own business when we moved here and it’s just now getting up and going. But for me, I need to work. I feel like I’m not contributing at all to things and that wears on me as well.

    Thanks for the website Larry! I went there to do a search but they don’t have anything in the area. I’m going to go back and play with it more later and I will certainly book mark it. My daddy always said if I could work for the government I should. What they may lack in pay they do have benefits.

  4. […] you know I’ve been frustrated lately as evidenced here. I’ve lost my direction in a lot of things lately. I’ve been going nowhere stuck in a pattern […]

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