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Posted in Life by Donna on April 9, 2009
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I know it’s been a while since I posted, sorry about that.  Work is good.  It’s just getting up at 5 am to be at work and then getting home close to 6 and having stuff going on has been crazy.  My poor foot is recovering.  It’s so swollen it’s not even funny.  So I came home early today since it was my half day and I took a nap!  Yay for naps!  I’m still tired but I feel better.

So here are some thoughts and highlights from my week so far. ….

The metrorail isn’t bad.  I’ve been lucky each time and haven’t missed a connection yet.

I love working again.  I especially like not being around so much drama in a big office.

Speaking of drama, the resident work drama queen quit before I even got to know him.  Now we’re one short.

Skinny jeans are cute on some boys.  Skinny jeans are cute on some skaters, HOWEVER, skinny jeans on skater boys who are wearing them below their ass like the crazy baggy pants kids are NOT CUTE.  I should have taken a picture.

I was flirted with yesterday on the way to work by a Sheriff.  He walked me to my building.  I told the hubby and instead of being flattered that I was flirted with (I would have thought it would appreciate it) he was pissed.   *sigh*

Lori called and said her booby squishing went well, sending positive thoughts and good karma her way.

JoAnn had an abnormal booby squishing and has to go back.  Sending positive thoughts her way too.  I’m really worried about her.

I got book 8 in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I’m sooooooo Conflicted on this.

Dirk didn’t finish his list like he said he would so I won round one.  Good thing I had mine done!!!!!

So that’s it in the nutshell.  Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but I know this.

I WILL sleep past 5 am!  LOL

How was your week?


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