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Posted in Life by Donna on May 3, 2009

Well so here we are I was going to blog yesterday but my day went too fast.  Let me just give you a running account.  Got up early read for a while, got ready, went to Ry’s Lacrosse game, had lunch with the family, went to fresh and easy and the 99 cent stores, came home, unloaded and put stuff up, headed off to get my hair done, two hours later, came home, went with the hubby on our date night.  We went to California Pizza Kitchen and then to IKEA and the mall, went to borders, stopped by Starbucks since that’s what the hubby wanted and came home.  I crashed about 11 last night and slept until a whole 8 am.  Now here we are up again.  I’ve read half of my book, taken a shower and reorganized the fridge.  Soon as I have a cup of coffee, get dressed, then we’re off again to get the few things I forgot yesterday and back again to organize and work on packing.  We’ve got Ryan tonight so I’ll be cooking later too.  And I intend to get some clothes washed and do some blogging.  I’ve got to get caught up.  I need to read those blogs I’ve neglected this week too.  So off I go!!!!


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