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Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted in Life by Donna on May 10, 2009

So today I’m wishing all mom’s Happy Mother’s Day. I’m thinking about Lori, Mom, and my real mom.

Lori because she’s got this beautiful little angel in heaven named Logan and then she has this rambunctious sweet little man named Corban. I miss her and Corban and today for some reason she is on my mind. I’ve got to call her later.

Mom I just got off the phone with. Her wish for mother’s day was to have all her kids home and she unfortunately didn’t get it yet. That will happen one day though. When I’m not sure. I hope she has fun today.

And last but not least, my real mom. Well I can’t say that because she wasn’t a real mom. No intended disrespect. It’s just a fact. I just have to wonder how things would have changed had we had a real mother daughter relationship instead of her leaving. Reflections huh?

Oh well, I want to be on a happy note and so that’s what I’m doing.

I hope you all have a great day!


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