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I Felt the Earth Move…..

Posted in Life by Donna on May 20, 2009


So yesterday I was sitting at my desk at work, just working away, it was about 4 maybe a little before.  Then IT HAPPENED.  Holy crap.  Talk about scaring you to death! 

Just so you know, I work in a high rise.  About 60 some odd floors to be exact.  It’s not a neat thing when you feel the building sway and see your computer move. 

Granted it was only for a few seconds but still!!!  I mean seriously how is a girl supposed to deal with an earthquake from the 8th floor????


2 Responses to 'I Felt the Earth Move…..'

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  1. Lawless said,

    Welcome to California, Donna!

  2. Cafe Chick said,

    I live in a place where three tectonic plates converge. My school was on a major earthquake faultline and I live near another. As we say, “Welcome to Wellington”. Even after all these years, my heart still races with every earthquake I feel!

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