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Warning–Female on Her Soapbox

Posted in Life by Donna on June 8, 2009
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Yes Folks, that’s right, I’m on my soapbox AGAIN!

Today’s subject:  People who just don’t give a crap about others property.

Example #1:

(This is an actual conversation)

Teenager: *leans back on chair at kitchen table and it creaks and sounds like it’s about to break* not to mention it’s right in front of a window 3 stories high–

Adult-Dude- how about you not lean on that for me.

Teenager-Why, it’s not yours

Adult-Actually it is.  It was given to us by your parents.  So you break it you buy it.


Adult-It sounds like it’s going to break, one already has, please put all four legs on the floor.  That was your great grandmothers.

Teenager-No it wasn’t.

Adult-Fine, it was your grandmother’s your father’s mom.  So have some respect.

Teenager-But she wasn’t my grandmother.  So much much?


Teenager- You said you break it you buy it, how much?

By this time, frankly, I’m livid that I’ve been disrespected in my own home, but more so livid that he’s chosen to disrespect his own family.  I let it go for the time being, I advise the hubby who says he can’t do anything about it, that’s a dad issue.  He does however tell the teenager, how upset that I am for being dissed.  So he comes back and apologizes but the sincerity is not felt.  He said what he did with a very serious straight face and then comes back and says he was only joking.  Yeah right.  I’m still livid over that, but I’m letting it go.  After this blog post that is

Situation #2 not giving a crap about other’s property.  And Ladies, this is to you!  How about when we have a restroom that is shared between two offices on one floor we flush???  It’s just one extra step in the whole process.  It seems every day I go into the bathroom at work and at least 1 toliet has not been flushed and it’s only been peed in.  Please ladies, they provide seat covers and everything imaginable in there for us for free.  The only thing I would ask is you show them the same respect you would if you go into someone’s home.  I mean seriously, would you go to your mother’s house or best friend’s house, use their facilites and not flush???


Ok- so what say you about this?  Come on, let’s hear it!!!


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