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And Who Says Life is Dull???

Posted in Life by Donna on July 6, 2009

So I am really bad about updating this thing lately.  Sorry- we’ve had internet issues at the house the airport on our computer bit the dust and not many of the ports on the airport work.  So until the ethernet is up and running, bear with me.  HOWEVER…I do have a fabulous new toy that should help with the blogging…Yes, folks, I now have a snazzy new 16GB I Touch!  And can I say I’m in love??? OH yeah.  Love it.   

   So what’s new in the world?  Well let me see, I’m starting to really love living here, or maybe I’m just adjusting better.  Maybe it’s the blonde hair, Who KNOWs??  But I’m adjusting.  We have a garden that is growing like mad!  Later this week, I should have Jalapeno peppers ready to pick and I’m super excited!  We have watermelons, zucchini, butternut squash, cucumbers, peppers and green onions and now as of yesterday, I will have carrots and sunflowers come fall.  I’m not sure what else we’re going to plant but you know, turnip greens sound good too come to think of it. 

It’s been 9 months or so now and I’ve yet to have a traditional holiday celebration.  Well, traditional in the sense of how I was used to it.  Every holiday has been just a tad different, but still it’s not the same as what I would have thought.  Oh well, Life goes on right?  Gotta roll with it.

So I’ve discovered that I’m a gamer on a higher level than just the board and cards games that I’m used to.  I’ve discovered D&D 4th edition thanks to my sister in law and brother in law and am having fun with that.  Now if only I can find a set of dice that I like and likes me.  My pink ones suck. 

I could ramble on about stuff here but that would be too much rambling.  So how is it in your world?????


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  1. Cafe Chick said,

    Oooh, I love my iPod Touch! I won a 16GB touch earlier this year but considered selling it (seeing as I’m not in permanent employment). My sweetie convinced me to keep it and I’m sooooo glad I did! I haven’t blogged from it yet but am loving finding out more about what it can do. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Lawless said,

    I love my iTouch too… though, I don’t use it as much since I have a Blackberry. Still, I do love it. They rock.

    As for dice for D&D… make sure when you buy ’em, that you hold them and feel the energy. Practice rolling with them, and just spend time with them. Some people would laugh at that… but, I’m telling you, I’ve had SEVERAL sets, and I spend time getting each and every set. 🙂 Makes a HUGE difference.

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