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Well isn’t this a Fine How do you Do?????

Posted in Ankle,Life by Donna on January 6, 2009
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So, right now, I work for a company through a temp service.  And every since the idiotic incident with my ankle, I’ve been off work because they didn’t want to take a chance of me injuring/reinjuring myself so they’ve said they will get a temp to go in and I can stay home and recover.  Now, here is my issue other than no income coming in right now.

I can’t go back to work, until I don’t have to use a walker or crutches.  I have clearance from a doctor.  But right now, I can’t put weight on the foot so they don’t want me back till I can walk.  I’m miffed by it.  Granted I am thankful they want me back at all and are waiting on me but still.  And then the temp lady had to ask me “Well can’t you come back sooner?  Isn’t there a way you can start putting weight on it sooner?”  WTC!?

So what’s a girl to do?  I’ll tell you.  I’m tired of being confined to this crazy bed.  So today is the first day of  something.  I have yet to figure out what to call it.  But I’m going to start on something.  Like all those lists up there.  And writing.  I’ve got enough to do so let’s see how much we can accomplish.  I’ve got a bible study to finish and notes to get up about it.  I’ve got a book on chakra’s that I’m making notes on so that I can share that too.  I’m already seeing where I need work.  Hell, I might even post more than once a day.

How about them apples?


Mixed Emotions

Posted in 109 in 2009,Ankle,Things Completed by Donna on January 2, 2009
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So I’m back from the Dr. and while the cast if off and there is no hard cast anymore, I still can’t put any weight on it for 2 weeks.  So my 1 thing that makes me happy today is that the cast is off.  But I’m upset that I can’t walk on it yet.  So you can see where I have mixed emotions.

But I have decided to finish another goal in the 109 and that is #35-Do something with the Blogger blog even if it’s deleting it.  Well, as of Jan 9th, I’m deleting it.  So make sure you move your links if you still have it.  I really don’t have that much use for it right now.  I’m actually happy with WordPress.  I won’t cross it off my list until I delete it, that way I’ll remember it.

So there you have it.  I know it’s not much on change, as the subject goes for Jan’s NaBloPoMo but at the same time, I’m not one to always stay on subject now am I?

Is It Really 2009?

Posted in 101,Ankle,Holidays,List,NaBlPoMO by Donna on January 1, 2009

I guess so.  Wow, it’s another new year already.

And I’ve got big plans!  I’m on the blogroll for NaBloPoMo for this month.  I’m gonna try it again and see if I can post each day.  I’ve got the list for the 109 in 2009 up too and I’m going to start working on that.  Of course a lot of those on the list are parts of my 101 lists but you know, that’s okay.  I’m knocking out 3 things at once and that’s good.

This hard cast comes off tomorrow.  And in case you haven’t seen it, let me just share it with you for a minute.The castDid you think I was kidding when I called it Post it Yellow?? LOL  It’s been on my nerves for the past week, I think I’m just anxious to have it off.  And tomorrow is THE DAY!  Yep, that’s right and I can’t wait.  In less than 24 hours, I should will be in a walking cast.  Finally the ability to walk, go up stairs, play Guitar Hero and cook will be in my hands again!  Ohhh and work, let’s not forget work.  I’ve been off for almost a month now and it’s driving me batty to be in this house, this apartment 75% of the time.

Not to mention, I realllyyyyyyy want to shave my left leg.  Girls there is nothing worse in this world than needing to shave your leg and not being able to because of a cast.  YIKES!

But here we are.  In a New Year.  And I’ve got some things to accomplish.  Do you want to see all three of my fabulous lists??  Check up at the top.  I’m ambitious I know.  I’m just eager not only to figure out what this life is supposed to be about but explore things about me that I haven’t been able to.

Rach said when she turned 33 she thought it was going to be a great year.  Well I think I’m going to say the same thing.  33 is going to be a fabulous year!!!!  And the 14 days leading up to it too!!!  LOL

What about you?


Posted in Ankle,NaBlPoMO by Donna on December 22, 2008

Well folks, here we are.  a before and after X-ray of my ankle.  I’m cringing just looking at it.

My Ankle BeforeThe Ankle After


Posted in Ankle by Donna on December 19, 2008

K well, I’m thankful that it’s Friday.  So let me take you back a couple of weeks and let me give you the whole no holds barred ugly story.  As soon as I find my USB cable I’ll upload the pictures to my photo album and you can see what I’m talking about.  I don’t think I’ve blogged much about what really happened but I know I’ve blogged about my feelings.

It all started on our way back to my little brother in laws band concert.  We had to park on this street and Judy who was driving had to let us out because the curb was so high.  And it was dark to.  According to my accident report, it was illumiated usually by the neighbors christmas decorations.  So we’re off to enjoy the band concert.  After it was over with Judy, Dirk, Ryan and I were walking back to the car.  Greg had walked with Auntie Barb and she was going to drop him off at the house.

Well, when we got to the car, I decided to get in on the driver’s passenger side and just scoot over, making room for the hubby.  Well, I stepped down and my left ankle snapped.  My right one came next and it twisted and I went down on the ground.  At first I thought it was just my clumsiness but then I started to feel the worlds most excruciating pain.  I thought how wonderful, I’ve just sprained both of my ankles.  I couldn’t tell how much pain was coming from one ankle and how much was coming from the other.  So I laid on the concrete for a minute and Judy called Greg to run back by.

At this point, the pain in my right ankle had subsided but it still hurt and the left one, there are literally no words to describe the pain.  First Judy sat on the curb and tried to support me, to help me sit up and then Greg sat down behind me.  At this point, they had called paramedics because well, even then we knew it wasn’t good.  Both feet were swollen and the left one was laying to the left, limp and looking disconnected.  So the paramedics got there in 2 minutes flat.  They cut the laces on my left shoe and got the right one off without having to cut.

The police came with them and little known to me, they had my hubby over to the side to question him because they automatically assume abuse.  Which hello it was not the case.  And this whole time, my father in law was sitting behind me supporting me and trying to make sure I was calm.  And believe me, I’d have probably screamed bloody murder if he hadn’t been.  His presence was calming, even in that situation.  I remember shaking and crying and doing my best not to scream with the pain.  They managed to get an IV started in my arm and give me some morphine, but it did nothing to help the pain.

As quickly as possible, they were able to get splints on both ankles, the left one looked only to be dislocated.  I was afraid all along it was broken and I would prove to be right.  So they get me loaded and transported to the hospital and into the ER.  I was x rayed really quickly and then given more drugs.  After the X rays came back, they discovered not only was the left ankle dislocated but I had broken the Tib/Fib bones.  They had to call the orthopedic surgeon in to get his diagnosis.  Which he confirmed.  I was going to need surgery.  So as doped up as they could make me, they waited a minute and relocated my ankle and splinted me back up so I could at least have that support.  My right ankle was only severely sprained.

They got me a bed for the night, in a semi private room.  My surgery was scheduled for the next afternoon.  Before I went though, they did manage to move me to a private room.  So after surgery is sort of a blur, I woke up with a soft case on my foot and orders to stay off of it for two weeks.  I came home that Monday where I have been in bed for the most part, counting down the days until I could get the hard cast.

I had prayed that it would be a weight baring cast and not a non weight barring cast.  But after reading all these horror stories on staple removal, I was sort of scared to go back today.  But we got there, after the comical event of trying to get me down the stairs and we were sent straight back.  I went to Xray and then the doctor came in.  We say the x rays of before and after and I took pictures.  He told me that he’s putting me in a non weight baring cast for 2 more weeks and then I could be in the soft booty.  So off to the casting room we went.

A wonderful man named Carlos took off the offending soft cast.  I then discovered the root of the “issues” with my ankles.  It wasn’t the splint in the soft case.  It was the incesision site itself.  Talk about ugh!  I have pictures of that too.  I had 6 staples in the one that is on the inside and then 13 on the outside where the plate went.  And my poor foot, I’ve never seen anything so swollen and bruised before.  So Jose comes in and he’s going to be the one to take out my staples and then put the cast on.  He’s such a nice man too.  He kept talking to me and kept my mind occupied and I didn’t really feel the staples come out!  Well except for one, but that’s it!!!

Then it came time for me to pick out my color and I had many to choose from but my choices were down to pink, purple, yellow and black.  But I didn’t like the black color.  I wasn’t crazy about the pink and purple either.  And I kept hearing Judy’s words to me last night in my head.

“Pick a color that when you look down at it you can laugh or be happy”

Yellow it is!

So the  cast is on and we’re back home.  I’m in my pj’s having took a pain pill because well, my foot at a 90 degree angle is sort of painful right now.  I have a week and 2 days before I can go back to work so all will be good.  Time to get used to this thing.

Do I feel better?  Yes  Can I laugh at the whole situation? Yes  Do I still want my mom?? Hell Yeah!

But you know what?  It’s going to be okay.  I just have to give it time.  But then again, maybe that’s the pain meds talking.  I’m sleepy.  Until tomorrow,

Good night all.  Peace out and I love you!

The Countdown has Begun

Posted in Ankle by Donna on December 18, 2008
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So here we are, the eve before the soft cast comes off and the hard cast goes on.  I thought about cast colors, because frankly, I don’t want white.  I wanted Pink since I like that color but then it would clash with the red stuff.  I thought about Yellow because it’s Sunny and Bright and then I tried to think if that too would clash.  Red sounds good because it’s Christmas and festive and then Lori suggested black.  I dunno, what do you think??  I’m trying to find the USB chord for the camera, it’s disappeared so I can take pictures and show you the before and after.  I’m going to get a shot tomorrow if I can of the staples before they come off and then after they come off.

I’m just ready for this whole experience to be over with but I know it’s only part of the way.

So what do you think?  What color appeals to you??

Only 3 days Left!!!!

Posted in Ankle by Donna on December 15, 2008

Excitement for me grows right now so easy.  There are only 3 days left before I get this soft cast off!!!  3 more days before I can get something else that will allow me to put some weight on this leg!  For the first time since I broke my ankle, taking a shower was a breeze!!!!  Maybe by Monday I can go back to work.  Do you know how excited I am?

It’s the little things huh??