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Was Thinkin’ About It

Posted in Memories by Donna on October 8, 2008

For those who have lived in Tuscaloosa/Northport you’ll know what I’m talkin about–

I was driving across the Texas Street Bridge the other day and thought about something. Well remembered is more like it. I remembered all those times when I was at the University that we had lunch at City Cafe. Well more specifically it was with Rachel. Remember all those times Rach? I don’t know if it’s still open or not, but I’d be willing to be that it is. You could go there and for lunch get this amazing “home cooked” meal and drink for $5. Of course this was a few years ago so I’m sure that it’s gone up since then. But the food was amazing. Believe me for a college student a home cooked meal for $5 is great. I know my favorite day to go was when they served fried green tomatoes. It’s still one of my favorite foods to this day. I think my favorites were especially the days when we made it right before the 2 o’clock cut off for lunch. Or was it 3?