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You mean I actually finished something!?

Posted in 101,109 in 2009,Mom by Donna on March 27, 2009

Well isn’t that a suprise?  I saw Twilight and marked it off my 109.  I’m not that impressed by it.  It was ok.  I finished my small quote book!  And I’ve gotten 5 pictures for my 26 things that I’m determined to finish.  And, I did something, I’m more proud of than anything.  I scrapped my bucket list.  And started a new one.  Why you ask?  Wel I decided that there are a few things in me that need to be adjusted, dealt with and tended too.  So, I’m going to do that.  I’m determined to finish that this weekend.

I’ve been seeing Troy Dunn EVERYWHERE!  TV, WEB, Magazines, he’s everywhere I tell ya.  I’m only hoping that one of these days I’ll get an email or call saying he wants to help.  Otherwise, I’ll have to start digging by going into records and stuff back home and there is no telling what that is going to entail.  I have such an urge to find my mother right now that it’s not funny.  I guess I just need the closure as to what happened.

How is life for you?