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Wabbly Wednesday

Posted in List,Pet Peeves by Donna on July 23, 2008

So I’m having a day today. It’s taking an effort to get through the day. Why I’m not sure. I had a great night last night. Lisa, my friend I met on myspace, text messaged me and we went walking last night. You know, I started to turn her down but then I remembered one of my “things”. I’m not to turn down an invite unless I have a genuine conflict. Sitting my rear watching tv in the air conditioning is NOT a genuine conflict. So I went, and had fun. This morning was an effort. I dislike men who think that just because I have boobs, they can talk down to me. I had that lovely experience with a company rep. Hey buddy, get used to it, down here it’s a female dominated service. So the boss called, talked to him and everything is fine, which makes me that much more p.o.’d. I hate when men do that.

So I’m trying to organize things and get ready for our trip, and trying to get my brain in gear and a right “mind set” for my project. I’m not looking at it like I should. Sure I have all the recipes picked out but you know, I need to plan this stuff, well some of it. I need to get more organized. Maybe I should change one of those to “get organized”. I really want to change two of them because I’m hoping that I won’t be on the UltraglycemX for the entire time I’ve got to do this list. What are the rules to that I wonder? Guess I’ll go look and see. Oh well.

Two weeks until we go see Momma! I’m excited. I’m really excited about the possibility of going and getting this fine looking dress for the wedding to wear with these fine shoes I got this weekend! We’ll see though.

Oh well~ off for now.