Discovering Donna


Posted in Bunco,random thoughts by Donna on September 24, 2008

So with Dirk being sick as a dog and all it’s been hard to really concentrate on things and try to figure out what I wanted to blog about. I was taking pictures for the office today and realized that I really want to get back into my project 365 and I’m bummed that I have to start over but at the same time, I can use some of the ones from my previous attempt for my 101 beautiful/meaningful thing to do. But I guess I am radomizing right now.

Last Friday was our monthly Bunco night. The pictures are from the dinner I fixed (Sheppards Pie) and the prizes that I picked out. Everything went well. Well, sort of. I missed mom not being there but she was sick. So we ended up playing with a ghost. I think that was the first time that I went the whole game and didn’t play with the ghost once. I was suprised. My best table for rolling was the head table too, which suprised me. One of these days I guess we need to take a group picture. But anyways.

Hope you are having a great week!!!