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What’s Up With This?

Posted in Soap Box by Donna on May 15, 2009

Ok- I’m stepping up on my soapbox for just a little bit. Today’s children is our subject.

Now my daddy and grandmother raised me right. They taught me to say Yes Ma’am/Sir or No Ma’am/Sir when responding to people who were my elders. Yes I use that word and yes I am from the south. Damn proud of it right now too.

Today’s youth and I can name a couple in particular you ask questions and their responses are “yeah, Yeah.” WTF is up with that?? Where has the respect gone? Butting their noses in where they don’t belong on personal matters, feeling like they can get away with murder. I mean seriously, what happened to those good natured children that their parents were/may have been? Did they drop the ball or does today’s youth just not care.

Maybe it’s because I’m on the West Coast and it’s not the same here. I dunno. But every time I hear someone younger than me not say Yes Ma’am/Sir or No Ma’am/Sir when they should, I want to throttle them.

Does anyone else feel the same??? Or is it just me?