Discovering Donna


Posted in Tagged by Donna on October 22, 2008

K, if you want to do this, then by all means do it. I saw it over at Tori’s and she said she didn’t know 7 bloggers anymore. Her site is so if you want to help her out and be one of her 7 or if you want to do it for me, leave me a comment!!! I’ll let you tag yourselves, but I’d love for Cafe Chick, Lori and Jo to be at least 3 of the 7 Or heck, Eric too!!!

Let me see……..

1. I have to sleep on the side of the bed farthest from the door. I can’t sleep if I don’t.

2. I have had nearly every single shade of hair color since I was 20 (only one I haven’t had is black)

3. My original major for college was Education.

4. I haven’t seen my real mother since I was 4. (K that’s not meant to be sad by any means, I’m ok with it)

5. It’s easier for me to write out my feelings than to verbally express them.

6. I’m always looking for a good project lately.

7. I love the color brown.