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It’s Friday!

Posted in Thoughts by Donna on March 20, 2009

Well, yesterday last night I posted a picture I took from Griffith Observatory.  Marcy is in from New York and we had plans to go to Old Town and then just hang out and the hubby was going to chauffer us to Griffith Park.  Well we went through Old Town and a lot of South Pasadena.  We had a blast that day and then that evening we went to Griffith Park.  More specifically the Observatory.  Wow.  It was nice.  I have a lot of pictures that I’ve got to put up and I’ll do that soon.  I need to get my photo blog going again and will try to get that done this weekend.  I’m thinking I want a different one but I’m not sure.

And I got another call about my resume.  I’m excited because this one is not to far from home either.  It’s in Azusa which is about 30 minutes from here.

Marcy is coming back today so I think we’re just going to spend the day hanging out, not doing much of anything.  It’s nice to have friends here.  Kris we need to make time for you to come up here too!  SO, that’s about it from here.  More photos to follow I hope.



Posted in Thoughts by Donna on February 8, 2009

My brain has been on over load lately. It’s been to a point where it’s hard to post something because of all that is going on in my brain. I mean literally, I’m exhausted from thinking. This weekend was nice sort of. We had dinner with Brian and Amy last night and then tonight went over to Katy and Jeremy’s for a while with Ryan. But the whole way home, my brain worked and worked.

And I’m tired. It didn’t help that D and I had sort of a spat today. I’ve seriously been thinking about things and I know we have things to work on. I know we do. And I pointed that out today. Which led in it’s own way to a sort of spat and we had to drop it and agree to come back to it later. I hate doing that! But at least when we got home from tonight we made the agreement that we would have all of our plans hammered out by Valentines Day. I want us to have a plan to work on things, a plan to figure out what we’re doing and a plan that we can work on for the next 5 years.

Tomorrow starts back the job hunting and I feel a little better since I have gotten my resume to a friend of Judy’s who is passing it on for me. I’m also going to check into what magazine companies are here along with publishing companies and such to see what the deal is with that. Friday my horoscope said I was one idea away from the big one. Well that’s sort of paraphrasing it but that’s the gist.

So how has your week been? What do you have planned for this week?

Bucket Lists

Posted in Thoughts by Donna on February 7, 2009

So as I’m sure you can tell, I’m a huge lister.  I love doing those.  So I came across a site Super Viva that let’s you make your own bucket list and see what other people have on theirs. So I started mine and put most of my things to do from my lists on it, not all of them and added some more. I’m going to do the complete bucket list and see how much I can get done. I’m sure I’ll keep adding to it as we go, I know I’m missing some things that I want on there but I keep thinking of them all the time.

So do you have a bucket list? What’s on it?

It’s a random thought kind of day

Posted in NaBlPoMO,Thoughts by Donna on January 31, 2009

so it’s just one of those days.  Today is the last day of the NaBloPoMo and I’m thrilled to have this done.  And it’s another thing I can cross of my list.

I’m not much into really putting something organized together so sorry for the scatterbrainness of it.

We’re going to dinner with a couple of D’s friends from High School tonight.  This is the guy they used to get into so much trouble together.  Yikes.  I can’t wait.  Talk about dirt on the hubby!

I’m so frustrated because the company that said they would wait for me to get better decided since it’s been 2 months that they aren’t going to wait.  I think a lot of this has to do with the temp agency telling me that no, let’s wait for you to be in a hard cast.  Now let’s wait till you are in a walking boot.  No let’s wait till you don’t have to use crutches, no let’s wait til you don’t have to use a cane, no let’s wait till you are able to wear shoes and don’t need a walking boot.  I’ve been fighting for two weeks now to go back to work and they found one excuse after another.  EVEN though I had a full doctors clearance with no restrictions for several weeks now.

I blow dried my hair for the first time December 5th today and wow, I’m amazed how nice it’s being.

I’ve slacked on my 365 project and my 1 thing project.  I need to figure out what I’m going to do with those and do it.

It’s a beautiful day in Cali with the sun shining and the temp in the 70’s…And I’m ready to get outside and do something.  But the hubby is at work and the dog is sleeping.  Sort of makes me want to take a nap too.

The Feb theme for NaBloPoMo is want.   I have to think about this.  I mean there are a lot of things I want.

But what about you?  Off the top of your head, what do you want?  Not what do you need, what do you WANT?

Is it Really #100???

Posted in Life,Thoughts by Donna on January 7, 2009

Yep, I can’t believe it, this is my 100th post.  Should we have balloons flying?  Confetti streaming?  Nahhhhh

Instead you are going to be subjected to random things.

I’m so cabin fevered right now it’s not funny.  Did you know I’ve now mastered Tennis and Bowling on the Wii??  I’ve learned to play Pirates of the Carribean, Marvel Alliance and some Harry Potter.  So I guess I can cross off on one of my lists to master a Wii game.

I’ve got two movies from Netflicks that I need to Watch.  North by Northwest and Cindafella.  Something bout Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin that can cheer up a girl!

I just sent D to the library and to get some pictures for me of the infamous curb.  We’re looking at options.

I’m in a cleaning and organizing and writing mood today.   OHHHHHH that is scary when you put them all together!

I’ve got 2 books in progress, one is The Boelyn Inheritance and the other is Eastern Mind, Western Body.  I want to finish them both soon because I’m anxious to start another series of books.

My foot is healing nicely, I woke up this am and it wasn’t so swollen.  Yay!!!!

I guess that’s all for now.  Happy 100 to me!

What Had Happened Wuz

Posted in Life,NaBlPoMO,Thoughts by Donna on December 13, 2008
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Wow- I go away for a little over a week and OMG look at the changes.  Guess I should explain my absence and sorry to those that we haven’t had a chance to call yet.  After a switch over from one internet company to another and I won’t name names we were out of the internet for a few days.  So, I haven’t really had much of a chance to blog.  Work was so busy that even lunch time was spent doing something and it wasn’t internet related so I was stuck.  Guess I’ll just have to pick up from here and try to finish out the month blogging and try for yet another month.  I WILL finish a NaBloPoMO before I finish my list!!!!  

But on the the REAL reason I’ve been gone so long.  Last Friday night, not last night, we had a lovely family dinner and then headed off to watch my little brother’s band concert.  On the way back to our car, I had a little accident.  Well maybe not Little.  More like huge!  You see, where we parked was a 2 foot curve.  And I stepped off of it, intending to get into the car on the driver’s side back seat.  Well, I didn’t make it that far.   

    When I stepped off the curve on my left foot, it twisted and I went down and then my right twisted and followed suit.  Well, twisted isn’t the word.  Paramedics, Fire and a ton of morphine and a trip to the ER later, we discovered that not only was my left ankle dislocated but it was also broken in two spots.  My right ankle was severely sprained.  So Saturday I had surgery to have to plates and a few screws put in my left ankle.  I was informed by the doctor and here’s where it really hurts folks…..

I am off work for 2 weeks (after just completing my 1st week on the job) but on the 19th, I have to go back and have the “soft” cast removed, the staples taken out and a hard cast put on from 2-4 weeks.  The ankle won’t be healed for at least 6 months completely.  YIKES.  I’ve got more I can post on this believe me.  I’ve got more than enough to write about.  But for the mean time, all of this leads up to something.


My I’m thankful for.  I am thankful for the Sierra Madre Paramedics and Fire and Rescue department for their quick response.  My surgeon said if they hadn’t gotten there so quick and splinted up my ankle that I would not be so fortunate and would have had to have the big screw put in my leg to take out and possibly some tendon damage.  But they were quick and they responded and splinted me.  So I’m thankful for all of them.

However I am PISSED because City Hall doesn’t support having full time paramedics.  WTF are they thinking?  So My fellow readers, here is where I need you.  I feel like they need the support in front of City Hall and my family is all for backing them given my incident.  But how to go about doing that is another matter.  So have you got any suggestions for me?  Leave me a comment or email me.  But for now, I’m off to check on stuff and see what I’ve missed for the last week and a half.  Hope everyone is well.

Lessons Learned

Posted in Thoughts by Donna on November 27, 2008

I’ve learned that even if Turkey Day is different here..It’s still a nice meal that you can sit down with family and enjoy, even if the only constants are corn casserole, turkey and mashed potatoes.

I’ve learned my extended family is really sweet, really different and really well awesome.

I’ve learned in a pinch, corn muffin mix and a jar of hot jalapenos will work for Mexican cornbread anytime.

I’ve learned that besides pumpkin pie, cranberry/blueberry pie is perfect for Thanksgiving.

I’ve learned that my outer is not in sync with my inner and the I need to find the skinny bitch that’s hiding inside and let her out.  The fat girl that’s on the outside, she’s gotta go.

I’ve learned that I am severely grateful for everything that I have.


Posted in changes,Life,Thoughts by Donna on November 17, 2008
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An anchor is defined one way by Webster’s online dictionary as “A central cohesive source of support and stability”.

I never really thought of this in relation to how I am feeling until last night. I’ve had moments over the past couple of weeks where I have felt adrift for the lack of a better word. I am trying to deal with my surroundings and the differences in where I am and where I was. For the most part, I am a happy girl. I love my living space. How many people can say they live in a beautiful Victorian house as big as this one? I mean for the most part we have the entire 3rd floor, and we’re making it home. But at the same time, I am still looking for a job and so is Dirk. I’m surrounded by a fabulous family, I mean what more could you ask for? A job sure but I’m working on that.

But Yesterday, I had an overwhelming feeling of being home sick, more so than I have ever been since I have been here. Don’t get me wrong I have had my moments where the roar of the B-52 engines at Barksdale have been sorely missed. I miss the ability to go to Mom and Pappy’s just anytime I want to. I miss being just a few blocks from them. I miss going over to Momma Lou’s to help out around the house. I miss being able to go to Jo’s or see Julie and Chance when she brings him in. I miss hearing Stephanie talk about her latest Martha Stewart moments and what Kendall is doing now. I miss being at Hudson Silver and hearing some of my insured’s. I miss the humidity (although not by much) of the South. I miss the foods, the accents, the midnight shopping at Wal-Mart, even the smells.

Believe me when I say there is NOTHING better than mom’s chicken and dumplin’s cooking!
It was such a moment that I couldn’t go down to dinner, I was crying so hard. It’s embarrassing for me for people to see this weakness. I mean how can anyone not love where I am? It’s impossible. Yet as I was sitting up here crying my eyes out and using up a perfectly good box of tissue Judy came up bearing a much needed and fabulous glass of wine.
She related how the first time she was away from the girls for Christmas and how hard it is to be so home sick. Yet at the same time, it’s perfectly alright. I went from one country to another basically.
That’s when she mentioned anchors. How right now, I don’t have those anchors that I had back in Louisiana. Until I can get settled here, I’m not going to have those anchors. It’s such a different way of life here from the smells to the foods, to the traffic to the way people talk to well everything.

I mean seriously, do you know how hard it is to find anything Tony Catchare? And heaven forbid, you can’t find any slap ya mama here.

And the more she talked the more she made sense. I’m basically adrift right now in a huge new world. Until I can get some anchors down then I won’t feel right. So then I started thinking. What anchors did I have in Shreveport? What held me and made me feel like it was home? And how can I start duplicating some of those or making new anchors? That’s where I have to start.

This is not an overnight process that is for sure. I have to figure out those anchors and then decide what I need for my anchors here. I’m not going to be a wimp and turn and go back with my tail between my legs. I’m going to be a super woman and stick it out. I’m going to find those needed anchors and put them down.

I owe that to myself, at the least. But what about you? What keeps you grounded? What are your anchors?
What makes you love being where you are?


Posted in changes,Thoughts by Donna on November 15, 2008
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Isn’t it interesting how things change? How things become a habit? How habits are broken? I was thinking about this while I was fixing the coffee this morning.  When we lived in LA before there was no routine, no schedule, no habits really, none that were really important.

Now having a routine is something that sort of keeps me sane.  It’s not a down to the minute routine, but all the same it’s the same thing each day and it sort of keeps me sane at the moment.  With all the construction on going, we’re up by 8.  Well today was an exception.  I slept till right at 8 and Dirk slept till right at 9.  But I have a routine now, and it’s habit.  If I don’t follow it, I feel out of whack.  Get up, make the coffee, read for a few minutes, check the email.  Make a cup of coffee, check the blogs.  Man, I need a job. LOL.  After Dirk gets up, the bed gets made.  Time to start the day with whatever it will bring our way.  Change is a constant here, I don’t think two days have ever been the same.  But that’s a good thing, right?  Do you the same thing enough it becomes a habit.

But do you really have to wait 30 days before it becomes a habit?  Can it become a habit ingrained in you enough that you will stick to it?  What do you think about it?

Ted Nugent Called—-

Posted in 101,Thoughts by Donna on August 15, 2008

And he wants his name back. Silly random thought here. Our pilot coming back from Seattle was David Nugent. I had this thought as we hit the runway in Dallas and the pilot slammed on the brakes. I thought I was going to eat the back of the seat in front of me. Granted I’m not an expert traveler, but that landing was a bit rough, even by the standards that I do have to compare it to. Holy cow.

I’m back home and missing being on the west coast. Even my body is because I’m still running on west coast time. Maybe by this weekend I can assimilate back into life in the south.

Talk about differences. EVERYTHING is so different. I loved it. Let me say that. It’s a beautiful part of the country. Maybe because it’s different. But I loved the difference in life styles, foods, the way things were done, it was just nice. To have people not look at you weird because of the way you dress, look, or talk. Granted, I got my fair share of ribbin’ since I’m from the south y’all, but I still loved it.

D is already homesick, heck he was home sick as soon as the flight was in the air. I can reason with him there. It’s just weird coming back trying to adjust.

Monday starts a new phase of my 101 and I’m kind of excited about it. I’m going to start the no fast food for 30 days and see if I can make it and maybe last longer. It will make me cook more and the more I cook the more I can try out some recipes. This makes me excited. I’ve got bunco next month so I’m trying to figure out just what to fix. I was thinking Mexican but then again, I’m not sure what I want to do. More on that later.

And I’m going to try to start my process of giving up caffiene. Along with it the sugars and things like that mostly. A girl has to have something sweet every now and then right? All of this means that we’re going to go to the farmer’s market called Marvin’s Garden’s tomorrow so maybe I’ll get some good stuff. I wish we had more of one other than what we do but here it seems like it’s all about the fast food. Or the greasy, deep fried stuff. I’m seriously trying to change my mind set on this. I want to get this weight off me now.

Ok-enough ramblin’ I gotta get to work.

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