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Posted in Top 10's by Donna on July 22, 2008

Okay so number 82 on my list is Make a top 10 list of favorite songs, movies and books of all time. This one was sort of hard for me, because I’m so indecisive. This is an effort for me to make a firm decesion and stand on it. That’s what a lot of things on this list are for, truth be told. I need to do this. So I sat down last night, worked on my 20 recipes and my top 10 lists. And here is what I have.

Top 10 Songs-
1. Amazing Grace- It’s not really about who sings it, it’s about the song. Brian sang it at my father’s funeral for me and it was the most beautiful thing I ever heard. I’ve had a soft spot for since then.
2. Angel-Sarah McLachlan- Just a beautiful song
3. Taking You Home-Don Henley-I walked down the aisle to this, how could it not make my list?
4. Beautiful Day-U2- we walked back the aisle to this after we were married.
5. Amarillo by Morning-George Strait
6. Typical Situation-Dave Matthews Band
7. Drops of Jupiter-Train
8. Anna Begins-Counting Crows
9. Lost in You- Rod Stewart
10. Meet Virginia-Train

Top 10 Movies-

Now this-I had to really think about. Because for me, just like with books, it’s all about 1 character or storyline. What draws me to want to see the movie or read the book?

1. The Rock-It wasn’t Nicholas Cage or Sean Connery, It was Ed Harris’ General Francis X. Hummel- wow
2. What Dreams May Come-Definately Robin Williams
3. Heaven’s Prisoner’s-This one was different-Because of this movie, Rachel got me hooked on James Lee Burke-Love the story and the movie!
4. That Touch of Mink- My first Cary Grant movie-
5. Tombstone-Val Kilmer playing Doc Holiday-
6. Open Range-Yeah, I’m a sucker for Kevin Costner- What can I say?
7. Second Hand Lions-The Uncles were the draw for me on this one.
8. The Last Samauri-Nope not Tom Cruise- Ken Wantanabe. It was a beautiful story and I loved his character.
9. The Specialist-now this one has sentimental value- It was the first movie Rachel and I saw in the theater- Remember “The CIA list?” Comment Rach?
10. Sweet Home Alabama-Josh Lucas playing Jake- not to mention that sort of reminds me of home HAHA

Top 10 Books-
This one was a little bit harder for me. I had to really think what drew me and made a book readable every time.

1. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte- Just the story itself drew me.
2. All the Queen’s Men by Linda Howard-John Medina-CIA Legend and my favorite book character of all time.
3. Christy by Catherine Marshall-The story of the girl and the guy she gets in the end. If you haven’t read it, do so, it’s just beautiful!
4. Star by Danielle Steel- Okay normally, I don’t like her books but I saw the movie first and had to read the book and loved it.
5. Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Suess. K so you knew I’d have to throw that one in right? I love Dr. Suess.
6. McKettericks Heart by Linda Lael Miller-for me, it was the character, Keegan McKetterick.
7. Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson- ok so I messed up the order of reading on this one. But this one, it hooked me on Patterson, for life!!!
8. Renegade by Diana Palmer- Again it’s the character-Cash Grier who hooked me. Maybe I should have listed Lawless where we were first truely given a glimpse of him. That one had me hooked. Okay so it’s both Lawless and Renegade.
9. Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone by J. K. Rowling-The first in the Harry Series- It just hooks you in.
10. The Broker by John Grisham-K this one is by far my favorite of his. The other’s I struggled through but this one, I couldn’t put down.

So there you have it folks. My top 10’s and another thing accomplished!