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The First Day

Posted in 1st Day,Washington by Donna on August 7, 2008

So here we are! This shot was taken from the plane on our way to Dallas from Shreveport. It was a beautiful, but bumpy trip. The flight was lonnnnngggg to Seattle but we made it in good time. After we got our luggage, we drove around for a while in Seattle and had dinner at 13 Coins which is a super nice “down home” place. I snagged a couple of pics and will have them on the site. I had a Ruben- aren’t you proud of me???!!!! And it was fantabulous!!!! We then came to Mama’s house, which is a sweet little cottage here in Anacortes. Let me tell you how nice it is to have NO humidity and not to have to run either a heater or air conditioner at night. It’s not even running now, there is a nice breeze blowing and it’s 61 outside. We are going to sightsee later I think, get our nails and toes did and later have a picnic/grill out on the Beach at Washington Park.

I wanted to get this one picture last night on the place but was unable to. We were making our final decent into Sea Tac and we were at the point where you can’t have electronic devices (anything with an on and off switch) and I was scared to have the camera on but we flew through a rainbow. It was an awesome thing and one experience, I don’t know if I’ll ever do again. It was so beautiful! I wish words could describe the colors and how vivid and perfect they were. We were up until about 1 this morning which is 3 am. at home time. I was up at 7 my time. Love you JO!!! We had a nice cup of coffee outside and now I’m sitting here uploading and perfecting pictures and getting ready to upload them. I’ve got a shot of the space needle that I need to sharpen and hope that it comes out. Wish me luck! to post more later! But in the meantime for everyone reading back home, love and miss you all very much!