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Just a Quickie….

Posted in Life by Donna on July 14, 2009

So I haven’t really blogged a lot lately. Yeah, I know my bad. If it’s not the adventures of the lost airport connection or the missing Ethernet thingy then it’s just plain not wanting to blog.

Great excuses huh? Yeah I thought so. But I had to sit down and reassess what it is I’m trying to do. I keep saying “I’m going to change this blog” yeah, really a new picture and a few different things doesn’t constitute “change” now does it?

I haven’t really worked on my lists lately and though I keep saying I’m going to change those or not change those depending on the day of the week. I think when I look at this, I can say I’m just not happy with me.

Woah, did I just say that?

I think I did!!! There is a first. What it is I can’t pin point. But I’m not. And I find fault with myself for the things that are mostly head on. I’m not happy with myself so I change my hair color.

Well, I guess the buck stops here, right? Of course it does.

Can it stop anywhere else?

The answer is a simple No.

So where do I go from here? That’s sort of easy…Sort of. But like Mom always says “It ain’t rocket science.”

I’ve been working with my father in law when he has the time. For those who don’t know- my father in law is a Shaman. It’s been enlightening to say the least. And Fun. I would have never thought that.

But I need to do more- so I’m working on considering what that more is. So I have to think on it. Figure out what it is that I want to change and how I’m going to go about changing it.

So expect something.

Not tomorrow, I highly doubt that tomorrow will be the day.

But soon.


Until then…..

Let me know what’s on YOUR mind!!!